Hartman Value Profile

How, what, and why do we and should we value?

The science of formal axiology, developed by Robert S. Hartman, provides rational answers to many of our questions about human values. Our values are the keys to our personalities, to self-knowledge, and to understanding others. The Hartman Value Profile unveils our values and our personalities. This Profile is immensely useful in psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, business consulting, employer-employee relations, ethics, religion, and everywhere that values matter.
Robert S. Hartman and Mario Cardenas Trigos constructed the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) according to the hierarchy of values later published in Hartman’s The Structure of Value. The HVP is an axiological inventory that measures a person’s capacity to make value judgments about the world and one’s self. It consists of two parts. Part 1 is a list of 18 items pertaining to the world, and part 2 consists of 18 phrases related to the self. The “self” part concentrates on one’s work. The Hartman Institute recognizes the legitimacy of slight variations of two items in the HVP. Item 8, “Burn a heretic at the stake” may be phrased as “Burn a witch at the stake.” Item 12, “Torture a person in a concentration camp,” may be phrased as “Torture a person.” These acceptable slight variations appear within Hartman’s own Manual of Interpretation.
To complete the HVP, a person is asked to rank the items in Part 1 from best to worst and the phrases in Part 2 from most agree to least agree, as applied to oneself. The results reflect an individual’s own preferences, which are measured against the objective scale given by formal axiology. Measurement is very precise, yet practically it allows and accounts for an almost infinite variety of personalities.
The results of the HVP are derived from logical or mathematical norms. They are not based statistically on the values of any specific population or group. It is not a “test” to be passed or failed. The results have no biases with respect to sex, age, race, creed, or any other socio-cultural classification. Honest ranking is the best approach for obtaining accurate results.
The Hartman Value Profile is especially useful for the following purposes:
1. It complements interest and aptitude tests for high school and college-age students to help discover their strengths and weaknesses and to help with their choice of career paths.
2. Executives, managers, and employers responsible for others will find it useful:
1. for discovering the strengths and weaknesses of their associates and potential employees,
2. for identifying areas where additional training may be needed;
3. for building work teams and groups,
4. for measuring group morale and spirit,
5. for determining suitability for promotions and job reallocations,
6. for retaining existing employees and hiring people who are likely to stay in their jobs, thus cutting down significantly on replacement and training costs, and
7. in accident prevention
3. Counselors and therapists will find it helpful:
1. in identifying compatibility when matching potential partners in marriage,
2. in marriage counseling,
3. in preventive mental health programs,
4. in psycho- and axio-therapy to guide the direction of treatment and to pinpoint results and progress, and
5. in identifying stages of and facilitating moral and religious growth and development.
The version of the Hartman Value Profile given next is for informational purposes only. You cannot take the HVP or have it scored or interpreted on this website. For that purpose, please visit our Axiological Service Providers page.


Items on the HVP are randomly ordered. Those who take it must rank-order these items according to their own system of values. Taking the HVP is usually computerized. The procedure typically involves dragging and dropping each item into the order of ranking preferred by the taker.
The “DIRECTIONS” given on each part of the HVP are the standard and authentic instructions recognized by the Robert S. Hartman Institute. These instructions are vitally important for our collective data/research base. All users of the HVP, particularly commercial users such as consultants and counselors, MUST USE THESE “DIRECTIONS” with no changes or alterations not approved by the Board of Directors of the Robert S. Hartman Institute. Alterations of instructions for the HVP, either written or verbal, must not change the nature or intent of the standard instructions and must be submitted to our Board of Directors for possible approval BEFORE being printed on profile forms, posted on any website, or offered as verbal instructions. Instructions should always make it clear that Part 2 of the HVP is about the taker’s real self, not about his or her ideal self.
Since the Directions given above have been adapted for computerized versions of the Profile, below you will find the Original version where the Directions are to mark numbers in boxes and circles that reflect one’s rankings.


The copyright for this profiling instrument is owned by the Robert S. Hartman Institute, but it may now be used for commercial purposes without paying royalties to the Institute as long as copyright credit is given to the Institute. Although the Institute no longer requires payment of royalties on the HVP, if you have done research with it, please send us a copy of your report, especially if you have done any validation studies.
For information about Validation Studies, please click here.
The Robert S. Hartman Institute does not certify consultants; nor does it interpret or sanction any particular interpretation or application of the Hartman Value Profile. Individual consultants are responsible for their own interpretations and applications and for conducting their own validation studies.
If you wish either to take the HVP and have it interpreted, or else to get in touch with a consultant for any professional purposes, please contact someone on our Axiological Service Providers page.
If you wish to obtain a copy of Robert S. Hartman’s Manual of Interpretation, please go to our Books and Publications page. This Manual is sold only to dues-paying members of the Institute.
If you have questions about being trained to interpret the HVP or possible software sharing, please contact someone on our Axiological Service Providers page. The Institute itself does not train consultants or offer interpretive software.
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