The Robert S. Hartman Institute strongly encourages contributions. We have no paid employees; all of us are volunteers; but we do have many expenses and important projects. Your contributions can help us immensely with these. Contributors will be listed on an annual basis. At the end of each year, the preceding year’s contributors will be deleted, so you will be listed for a longer period of time if you make a contribution early in the year.

The Institute recognizes the following levels for contributors:

$1,000 and higher  Robert S. Hartman Associates
 $500 through $999  Rita Hartman Associates
 $100 through $499  John W. Davis Associates
 $1 through  $99  Friends of the Institute


2013 Contributors:

Robert S. Hartman Associates

  • William L Wilson, Judgment Index

Rita Hartman Associates

John W. Davis Associates

Friends of the Institute


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