43rd Annual Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference

Join us October 23rd and 24th at Westminster College, Salt Lake City Utah.

Want to understand human character?  Do you seek insight into business practices such as management, customer relations, employment, hiring, training, coaching, promoting, reassigning, and retaining employees? 

We are an Institute with the single intent of changing the world for the better through understanding the science of values. 

Come learn about Robert S. Hartman and reflect on this body of work with other thinkers and doers from all over the world on the beautiful campus of Westminster College. (See our beautiful location with this short flyover video of Westminster College.)

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$250 for Members;    $325 for Non-Members*;    $32 for Full Time Students
(*Note: Annual Membership is $75 - if you'd like to join AND
come to the conference - get  Member Info, here.)

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13 Reasons to Attend 

  • CONFERENCE AGENDA: Keynotes, workshops, theoretical and practical.  Click here for Agenda details.
  • PRE-CONFERENCE TRAINING: RSHI Axiological Service Provider Rick Bowers, President, of TTISI is offering TriMetrixHD Re-Certification Training with on October 22nd, Click Here for More Details
  • CONFERENCE LODGING:  The conference is 15 miles from the airport! We've negotiated conference rates and reserved a block of rooms at Marriott Salt Lake City University Park (where attendees stayed in 2017) and Hampton Inn and  Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City University-Foothill, with complimentary shuttle service (with gratuity) to Westminster’s campus. The conference rates are valid until Sept. 25th, or until our block of rooms are filled. Click Here for More Details and Links to Each Hotel

Are you a student who wants to discover a revolutionary way to make a difference in the world? Are you a philosopher who wants to advance the understanding of the nature of human values?  Are you an economist who wants to clarify the role of money in the future of mankind?  Are you a political scientist who wants to figure out how to wage peace, not war? Are you a coach, psychologist or counselor who wants to help clients understand patterns?  Are you a leader wanting to lead people in a way that engages their highest motivations?     

If you are a business person, leader, executive coach, psychologist, political scientist, economist or philosopher this conference is for YOU!

Our keynotes and workshop tracks address theoretical developments, practical applications and innovative ways to use the Hartman Value Profile in the workplace. Come learn about the science of values, Axiology and understand the severe dangers of organizing evil and see how to organize good. Together,  Let’s change the world!  Click Here for the Conference Agenda


 $250 for Members;  $325 for Non-Members*; $32 for Full Time Students

(*Note: Annual Membership is $75 - if you'd like to join
AND come to the conference - get  Member Info, here.)

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 13 Reasons to Attend