Accessing Hartman's Research

When Hartman died in 1973, he left behind approximately 100,000 typed pages of lectures notes, finished but not published manuscripts, unfinished manuscripts, essays, and correspondence.

His widow, Rita, donated them to the Hoskins Special Collections Library at the University of Tennessee. They are in dozens and dozens of cardboard filing boxes, in file foldebooks and research materialrs, and are carbon copy documents on fragile yellow or onion skin paper. 

If you wish to do further research into formal axiology, you can access his work which is available to any serious researcher who wishes to peruse them.

Click here to review an online index of Hartman's work. 

Note that these documents are stored off-site and at least one day's notice will is required to have access to them. To request access to the University of Tennessee's Library of Hartman's material, use this access form.

If you'd like to learn more about current and past research, contact our expert, RSHI's Vice President of Research Cliff Hurst, PhD., Associate Professor at Westminster College, here.