The Robert S. Hartman Collection

This final shipment of Robert Hartman’s papers arrived at the Hoskins Library in 1984. Mrs. Rita Hartman of Cuernavaca, Mexico authorized this shipment of her late husband’s papers in 1982, but customs officials held them until 1984. Dr. Hartman was a former research professor at the University of Tennessee and the National University of Mexico.

Dr. Hartman was born in Berlin, Germany on January 27, 1910. As a young man he taught administrative law and the philosophy of law at the University of Berlin. He also served as Assistant Judge of the District court, Berlin-Charlottenburg. Robert Hartman was vehemently opposed to the Nazi regime and he spoke and wrote against it constantly. His opposition was well known and when the Nazis came to power he was forced to hide in an insane asylum until friends could secure his passage out of Germany in 1932. Dr. Hartman changed his name from Robert Schirokauer to the name on his fake passport (Hartman) to Robert S. (for Schirokauer) Hartman. Dr. Hartman started working for Walt Disney Productions as a copyright representative in Britain and later opened offices for Disney in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden where he met and married his wife. The Hartmans moved to Mexico City where he represented Disney Productions in Central America and the Antilles. Dr. Hartman longed to return to the study of Philosophy so he moved his family to the United States in 1941 and they became citizens in 1947.

Because of his extensive knowledge of foreign languages (he spoke fluent German, French, Swedish, Spanish, and English plus read seven additional languages) Dr. Hartman was made chairman of the Department of Spanish at the Lake Forest Academy where he also taught Philosophy. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and then began teaching Philosophy at the College of Wooster. This is where Dr. Hartman became interested in helping a young Polish woman named Wanda Nekrasz. Wanda had recently been rescued from Auschwitz where she had suffered unbelievable hardships for two years. Dr. Hartman met Wanda in a rehabilitation camp in Sweden, then led students and faculty at the College of Wooster to join him in his efforts to help her. They agreed to provide 60 dollars monthly to help support Wanda and in 1947 negotiations began to bring Wanda to the United States to attend college. This collection contains correspondence between the Hartmans and Wanda Nekrasz from 1946-1954. From her letters, one can get a first hand account of some of the horrors brought on by Hitler and his regime. Of further interest, Dr. Hartman saved over 200 photos from WWII and the Holocaust, which are included in this collection. Caution: some photos are extremely graphic!

Dr. Hartman later taught at Ohio State University (1948-1956), was a visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1955-1956), and at Yale (1966). He held more than fifty lectureships in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. Dr. Hartman devoted his life to answer the question, “What is Good?” Having seen evil so efficiently organized, Dr. Hartman proposed to organize the forces of good. He believed he found his answer in the axiom upon which he based his science of axiology. According to Hartman, “A thing is good when it fulfills its definition.” This collection mainly consists of Dr. Hartman’s early work, which is as fascinating as his later work. There is some material pertaining to Axiology and Profit Sharing, but the bulk of it can be found in MS-1015 and MS-1129. The collection has been kept in its original order whenever possible, but due to the fact that it was held by customs for years much of it was disorganized. The collection has been re-organized and requires 54 ft of shelf space.

Quick Reference

Correspondence (General) 1

Correspondence (Alphabetical single files) 4

Correspondence (Axiology) 6

Correspondence (Hartman & Marvin Katz) 10

Correspondence (Henry Gardner & Nationwide) 10

Correspondence (Wanda Nekrasz) 11

Hartman-Bio Material, Certificates, and Documents 11

Hartman-Early Papers and Studies 12

Hartman-Papers, Articles, and Lectures 14

Hartman-Drafts and Notes 16

Hartman-Miscellaneous 16

Hartman-Miscellaneous Disney Material 17

Hartman-Research Material 17

Hartman-Programs, Announcements, and News-clippings 21

Hartman-Published Articles 22

Hartman-Publications from Axiology Files 26

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Articles by other authors 30

Axiology Correspondence 31

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Profit Sharing 34

Tapes, Microfilm, and Games 35

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Inventory for ASST. 38

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Box 1: General Correspondence

Folder 1: 1931-1932

Folder 2: 1933

Folder 3: 1934-January

Folder 4: 1934-February

Folder 5: 1934-March

Folder 6: 1934-April

Folder 7: 1934-May

Folder 8: 1934-June

Folder 9: 1934-July

Folder 10: 1934-August

Folder 11: 1934-September

Folder 12: 1934-October

Folder 13: 1934-November

Folder 14: 1934-December

Folder 15: 1935-Jan-March

Folder 16: 1935-April-June

Folder 17: 1935-July-Sept

Folder 18: 1935-Oct-Dec

Folder 19: 1936-Jan-March

Folder 20: 1936-April-June

Box 2: General Correspondence

Folder 1: 1936-July-Sept

Folder 2: 1936-Oct-Dec

Folder 3: 1937-Jan-June

Folder 4: 1937-July-Sept

Folder 5: 1937-Oct-Dec

Folder 6: 1938-Jan-March

Folder 7: 1938-April-June

Folder 8: 1938-July-Sept

Folder 9: 1938-Oct-Dec

Folder 10: 1939

Folder 11: 1940

Folder 12: 1941

Folder 13: 1942

Folder 14: 1943

Folder 15: 1944

Folder 16: 1945

Folder 17: 1946-Jan-June

Folder 18: 1946-July-Oct

Folder 19: 1946-Nov-Dec

Folder 20: 1947-January

Box 3: General Correspondence

Folder 1: 1947-February

Folder 2: 1947-March

Folder 3: 1947-April

Folder 4: 1947-May

Folder 5: 1947-June

Folder 6: 1947-July

Folder 7: 1947-August

Folder 8: 1947-September

Folder 9: 1947-October

Folder 10: 1947-November

Folder 11: 1947-December

Folder 12: 1948-January

Folder 13: 1948-February

Folder 14: 1948-March

Folder 15: 1948-April

Folder 16: 1948-May

Folder 17: 1948-June

Folder 18: 1948-July

Folder 19: 1948-August

Folder 20: 1948-Sept-Dec

Box 4: General Correspondence

Folder 1: 1949-Jan-June

Folder 2: 1949-July-Dec

Folder 3: 1950

Folder 4: 1951

Folder 5: 1952

Folder 6: 1953

Folder 7: 1954

Folder 8: 1955

Folder 9: 1956

Folder 10: 1957

Folder 11: 1958

Folder 12: 1959

Folder 13: 1960-65

Folder 14: 1966-69

Folder 15: 1970-73

Box 4: Correspondence-Single Files in Alphabetical order

Folder 16: Batzli, Mrs. Lily

Folder 17: Becker

Folder 18: Belfrage, Mr. Cedric

Folder 19: Benda, Clemens E. M.D.

Folder 20: Borger, Mrs. Ellen

Folder 21: Business Correspondence

Folder 22: Cempae/material re: Dr. Cesar Tort

Folder 23: Dissertation Correspondence

Folder 24: Frederic, Jerold

Folder 25: Farm

Folder 26: Fondo de Cultura Economica

Folder 27: Foreign Study League

Folder 28: Hammer, Walter

Folder 29: Hammer, Lawrence H.

Folder 30: Hartman Corporation

Box 5: Correspondence cont.

Folder 1: Human Relations

Folder 2: Johanssen, Herald S.

Folder 3: Kamen, Mr. Kay

Folder 4: Kampmann

Folder 5: King Features Syndicate re: Disney

Folder 6: Law Correspondence (German)

Folder 7: Liberal Arts Press

Folder 8: Mefford, David

Folder 9: Miscellaneous Publishers

Folder 10: Oldenburger, Rufus

Folder 11: Ostertag, Ferdinand

Folder 12: Pauls, Gay and Herra

Folder 13: Pahl, Ms. Herra

Folder 14: Petition for Document Germany/Hartman

Folder 15: News Photo Business

Folder 16: Picard, Max

Folder 17: Rocket Papers Publicity

Folder 18: Sanches, Carlos

Folder 19: Securities Advisory Service

Folder 20: Sevilla, Renate Von Hanftengel

Folder 21: Shubin, Marvin H.

Folder 22: Southern Illinois University Press 1960-65

Folder 23: Stafford, Jack

Folder 24: State Department Correspondence and Records

Folder 25: Student Correspondence

Folder 26: Verlag, Westdeutscher

Folder 27: Verlag, Eugen Dieterichs

Folder 28: Zamora, Mr.

Box 5: Axiology Correspondence

Folder 29: Adaire, Norman L.

Folder 30: Airlines re: HVI Applications

Folder 31: Allen, Layman E.

Folder 32: American Joint Distribution Committee re: Felice Schwagenheim

Folder 33: Anderson, Dale

Folder 34: Austin, John-Research Concepts

Folder 35: Axiometrics

Box 6: Axiology Correspondence

Folder 1: Ballard, Everett

Folder 2: Bell, Danny and Charles

Folder 3: Bondy, Louis

Folder 4: Buller, L. M.

Folder 5: Buros, Oscar K.

Folder 6: Carter, Robert E.

Folder 7: Clark, Richard-Axiometric Testing Service

Folder 8: Clark, Richard

Folder 9: Clark, Richard

Folder 10: Clark, Walter V.

Folder 11: Carini, Dr. Louis

Folder 12: Cohen, David C

Folder 13: Corey, George D.

Folder 14: Cox, Dr. Grace

Folder 15: Davis, John W.

Folder 16: EBS Management Consultants Inc.

Folder 17: Educational Testing Service

Folder 18: Follow-ups-Possible contacts for HVI abroad

Folder 19: Fernandez, Jorge S.

Folder 20: Frankl, Dr. Victor

Folder 21: Frankl, Mr. Henery

Folder 22: Fruchier, Bertha Ramirez

Folder 23: Funke, Herrn Gerhad

Folder 24: Gosling, Dr. Ernest

Folder 25: Grabinsky, Jaime

Folder 26: Gruenberg, Ludwig

Folder 27: Grunbaum, Dorien

Folder 28: Hacienda-contract

Folder 29: Hartman Value Institute Inquiries

Folder 30: Harms, Celia

Folder 31: First, Norman

Folder 32: Industrial Relations

Folder 33: Infonavit

Folder 34: Institute for Advance Studies in Human Value

Folder 35: Instituto Axiometrico

Folder 36: ISSSTE

Folder 37: Kaltreider, Dr. Frank

Folder 38: Kant logic

Folder 39: Kegley, Charles

Folder 40: Kellam, Dr. Gary

Folder 41: Kent, George H.

Folder 42: Krojanker, Dr. Rolf J.

Folder 43: Laws, Ms. Linda

Folder 44: Ligon, Dr. Ernest M.

Folder 45: Lisanti, Dr. Vincent F.

Folder 46: Loman, James S.

Folder 47: Maslow, Abraham

Folder 48: Masonis: Edward J.

Folder 49: Miller Associates ( l of 4 Folders)

Folder 50: Miller Associates

Box 7: Axiology Correspondence

Folder 1: Miller Associates

Folder 2: Miller Associates

Folder 3: Miscellaneous

Folder 4: Miscellaneous Test Inquiries

Folder 5: Nutricion

Folder 6: Ogilvie, Bruce C.

Folder 7: Olds, Glen

Folder 8: Olds, Patricia

Folder 9: Ossustowicz, Richard J.

Folder 10: Pecatores, Gisela

Folder 11: Pensiones

Folder 12: Hutschnecker, Arnold A.

Folder 13: Requests for HVI tests

Folder 14: Samenow, Stanton E.

Folder 15: Salmeron, Dr. Fernando

Folder 16: Schidt, Dr. Everet (l of 2 Folders)

Folder 17: Schidt, Dr. Everet

Folder 18: Siebert, Dr. Carl

Folder 19: Segovia, C.P. Wenceslao J.

Folder 20: Seminars (planning)

Folder 21: Sinvanich, George

Folder 22: Tallman, James

Folder 23: Tibon, Gutierre

Folder 24: Time Inc.

Folder 25: Train, John B.

Folder 26: Trigos, Dr. Mario Cardenas

Folder 27: Tucker, Dr. Landrum S. Jr.

Folder 28: Washburn, Stuart A.

Folder 29: Weisslberg, David

Folder 30: Wolfe, Thomas Herdon

Folder 3 1: Zamora, Ana Rosa

Folder 32: Zinke, William K.

Box 7: Correspondence between Dr. Hartman and Marvin Katz

Folder 33: Classic letter that contains the “Algebra of Value”

Folder 34: February 1957-May 1959

Folder 35: June 1959-December 1960

Folder 36: February 1961-December 1962

Folder 37: January 1963-October 1973 (Includes letter from Mrs. Rita Hartman informing Katz of Dr. Hartman’s death on 9/20/73).

Box 8: Henry Gardner Files and Nationwide

Folder 1: General Correspondence 1941-1959

Folder 2: General Correspondence 1960s

Folder 3: General Correspondence 1970s

Folder 4: Articles by Robert Hartman

Folder 5: Lectures by Henry Gardner

Folder 6: Minutes of American Society for Value Inquiry

Folder 7: Minutes of Shippers Service Inc.

Folder 8: Miscellaneous articles for Nationwide

Folder 9: Miscellaneous articles for Nationwide

Folder 10: Miscellaneous notes, pamphlets, and newsletters

Folder 11: National Ataxia Foundation

Folder 12: Nationwide Manual 1st-4th Reports by Henry Gardner 1961

Folder 13: Outline and Comments on Dr. Hartman’s book

Box 8: Wanda Nekrasz Correspondence

Folder 14: Correspondence concerning Wanda’s welfare 1946-1948

Folder 15: Correspondence ” ” 1949-1951

Folder 16: Correspondence concerning Wanda’s welfare 1952-1954

Folder 17: Correspondence between Dr. Hartman and Wanda Nekrasz 1946-1948

Folder 18: Correspondence between Dr. Hartman and Wanda Nekrasz 1949-1951

Folder 19: Correspondence between Dr. Hartman and Wanda Nekrasz 1952-1954

Folder 20: Photos, News-clippings, and Bio of Wanda Nekrasz

Box 9: Hartman Bio Material, Certificates, and Documents

Folder 1: Certificates and Documents from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Folder 2: Curriculum Vita- Hartman

Folder 3: Draft of Bob Hartman Story-Freedom to Live

Folder 4: Early Immigration Activities (Includes photos)

Folder 5: Hartman-Biographical News-clippings

Folder 6: Biographical Material (photo included)

Folder 7: Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Northwestern

Folder 8: Documents from the College of Wooster

Folder 9: Miscellaneous Certificates, grades, and diplomas

Folder 10: Transportation Pass and bank statements from Sweden

Folder 11: Miscellaneous contracts

Folder 12: Miscellaneous Legal documents

Folder 13: Programs, pamphlets, and newsletters of Bio-material (l of 3 Folders)

Folder 14: (2 of 3 Folders)

Folder 15: (3 of 3 Folders)

Folder 16: Publications and personal data

Folder 17: Robert Hartman Certificates and grades

Folder 18: Statement before the Preparedness Subcommittee

Folder 19: Wooster College Application

Box 10: Hartman–Early Papers and studies

Folder 1: Der Prozess als staatsrecht-licher Tatbestand

Folder 2: Die Aera Holstein in Der Deutschen Aussenpolitik (1890-1906)

Folder 3: Die Scheinlosung des Fyaschismus

Folder 4: Draft-Title unknown

Folder 5: Faschismus der Kampf des Burgentums

Folder 6: Five in Europe

Folder 7: Defense-UNAM

Folder 8: Epistemology papers

Folder 9: Existentialism

Folder 10: Fosdick-A guide for understanding the Bible

Folder 11: Foundation of Integrated Education by Robert Hartman

Folder 12: Fowler and Rome

Folder 13: Frankl Class and review

Folder 14: Henry Gardner-Articles and notes

Folder 15: Henry Gardner-Student papers

Folder 16: Henry Gardner-Student papers

Folder 17: Hartman–Book reviews

Folder 18: Hartman -Research Report 7/69-6/70

Folder 19: Hartman courses on logic

Folder 20: Lectureships re: Robert S. Hartman

Folder 21: Lods – Israel

Folder 22: Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 12 :

Folder 1: Miscellaneous student papers

Folder 2: Miscellaneous Hartman Articles

Folder 3: Miscellaneous University material

Folder 4: Mottos collected by Dr. Hartman

Folder 5: Nuno, Dr. Ruben Bonifaz

Folder 6: Old and New Testament notes

Folder 7: Paper for Psychiatry by Landrum S. Tucker

Folder 8: Philosophers -Aristotle and Plato

Folder 9: Philosophers-DesCartes and Hobbes

Folder 10: Philosophy 701-Dr. Hartman

Folder 11: Philosophy 23 term paper by W. E. Cassels

Folder 12: Political Theory

Folder 13: Publications

Folder 14: Reports on Conferences

Folder 15: Report on Sovereignty Project

Folder 16: Russian Language Studies

Folder 17: “Semantic Properties of Metaphor: An Investigation into the Meaning of Non-literal Expressions” by Frederick S. Michael 1969

Folder 18: Student Papers-Leibniz

Folder 19: Student Papers-Post Victorian Ethics

Folder 20: The Philosophy of Kant

Folder 21: “The Science of Education: A Meta-Theoretical Assessment of Its Possibility and Character” by Henry Gardner 1974

Box 13: Papers, Articles, and Lectures

Folder 1: Defense

Folder 2: Die Meinung “The Opinion” Weekly Journal by Robert Hartman

Folder 3: Germany: Land of Romantics and Robots

Folder 4: Individual and Management

Folder 5: Kapriolen der Zuneigung

Folder 6: Mission and Misery of Jews

Folder 7: Plays (German) by Robert Hartman

Folder 8: Report From Europe

Folder 9: Short Papers by Robert Hartman:

Challenge of Education

Christian Manifesto

England Could Have Bought the German Rocket

How to Avoid A Robot World

How to Win the

Peace Revolution in Japan?

The Adventures of a Wandering Cell

The Epistemology of the A Priori

The Eye

The Mission of the Jews

The Secretary of Peace: An American Program

Folder 10: Sputniks Moral Challenge

Folder 11: Talk: Eighth Sea-Arctic Mediterranean

Folder 12: The Arithmetic of the Universe

Folder 13: The First Mail Rocket

Folder 14: The Scientific Method of Analysis and Synthesis

Folder 15: The Science of Value

Folder 16: The Structure of Personality

Folder 17: The Unity of the Universe

Folder 18: War and the Universe

Book: Die Strukter Deswertes! Grundlegung Der Wissenschaftlichen Axiologie

Folder 19: Pages 1-221

Folder 20: Pages 222-611

Box 14: Drafts and Notes for Hartman Articles

Folder 1: Conquest of Germany and Prime Numbers & Cosmical Numbers

Folder 2: Diary of Russian Trip

Folder 3: Draft of —— ? In Europe

Folder 4: Europe-Christianity and Communism

Folder 5: Miscellaneous Drafts and Articles

Folder 6: Nicaragua article (includes photos)

Folder 7: Peaceful co-existence with Russia

Folder 8: Prolegomena to a Science of Human Relations

Folder 9: Our Existential. Situation: Will We All Die Together?

Folder 10: Rebirth of Europe

Folder 11: The Crisis of Our Time

Folder 12: The Government of Post-War Germany

Folder 13: The Revolution Against War

Folder 14: The Science of Decision Making

Folder 15: Unpublished draft and notes for Peace Plan ( l of 2 Folders)

Folder 16: 2 of 2


Folder 17: Statens Arbetsmarknadskommission ( 1 of 2 Folders)

Folder 18: 2 of 2

Box 15: Miscellaneous cont.

Folder 1: The Definition of Good! Moore’s Axiomatic of the Science of Ethics

Folder 2: The Prospects of Peace

Folder 3: Miscellaneous University material

Folder 4: Miscellaneous University material – Sweden

Folder 5: Studies to Prime Number and Cosmical Numbers

Folder 6: Social Science Research Council

Folder 7: German and U.S.P.S. Material

Folder 8: School Project

Miscellaneous Disney Material

Folder 9: Dir Lennart Reuterskiol – Robert Hartman Corporation

Folder 10: Disney Correspondence

Folder 11: Drawn Scientific Colorfilm

Folder 12: Editorial Asociada re: Salvador Mendoza

Folder 13: Macfadden Publications Inc. re: Robert Hartman

Folder 14: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 15: Scientific Color Film ( 2 copies)

Folder 16: Vetenskaplig Farfilm ( 2 copies )

Folder 17: Vetenskaplig Farfilm ( 2 copies )

Ad for Hartman Corporation that features Pinnocchio

Box 16: Hartman’s Research Material

Folder 1: S-1 Sovereignty Introduction

Folder 2: S-2 Research Material

Folder 3: S-5 Notes and Research for Revolution Against War

Folder 4: S-6 Notes and Research for Revolution Against War

Folder 5: S-9 Sovereignty Material

Folder 6: S-12 Sovereignty Material

Folder 7: S-13 WWI for Sovereignty Research

Folder 8: S-14 The Revolution Against War

Folder 9: S-15 WWI – Sovereignty

Folder 10: S-16 WWI – Germany – Sovereignty

Folder 11: S-18 Sovereignty

Folder 12: S-19 Research copies for proposed book on Sovereignty

Folder 13: S-21 Sovereignty – Ullstein Altertum

Folder 14: S-22 Sovereignty – Weltgeschichte der Neuzeit Ullstein

Folder 15: S-24 Sovereignty – Neuzeit

Box 17: Research Material cont.

Folder 1: S-27 Strategy and Geopoliticians

Folder 2: S-28 Arms Industries

Folder 3: S-30 Systems, Game of War, Professionalism

Folder 4: S-31 Nationmobile

Folder 5: S-32 Structure, Power, Armaments

Folder 6: S-33 Bismark

Folder 7: S-34 German y/France/Russia

Folder 8: S-35 Germany/Russia

Folder 9: S-37 Germany

Folder 10: S-38 France/England

Folder 11: S-39 Russia/Japan

Folder 12: S-40 England/Russia

Folder 13: S-41 Germany/Austria

Folder 14: S-42 Austria/Balkans

Folder 15: S-43 Kinship

Folder 16: S-44 Glory of Defeat

Folder 17: S-45 Unreality

Folder 18: S-46 Bismark II

Folder 19: S-47 Missile

Folder 20: S-48 Alliances

Folder 21: S-49 Holsteins

Folder 22: S-50 Science of Diplomacy

Folder 23: S-51 Brandenburg II

Folder 24: S-52 Brandenburg III

Folder 25: S-55 Manorial System

Folder 26: S-56 French Chivalry

Folder 27: S-59 Decay of Feudalism

Folder 28: S-61 Reality of Berlin

Folder 29: S-62 Outline

Folder 30: S-63 Who Killed the Unknown Soldier?

Folder 31: S-64 Engels

Folder 32: S-65 U.S.

Folder 33: S-66 Revolution Against War

Folder 34: S-67 Russia

Folder 35: S-69 Jews

Folder 36: S-73 Court

Folder 37: S-74 Bertran

Folder 38: S-75 Church

Folder 39: S-76 Sovereignty Material

Folder 40: S-77 Sovereignty Material

Folder 41: S-78 Comitatus

Folder 42: S-79 Peace

Folder 43: S-81 Contract

Folder 44: S-82 Tenure Fief

Folder 45: S-83 Freedom/Independence

Folder 46: S-85 Military Bureaucracy

Folder 47: S-88 Feudalism/Sovereignty

Folder 48: S-89 Florence

Folder 49: S-90 Brandenburg Prussia – Germany

Folder 50: S-91 Frederick The Great

Folder 51: S-92 Bureaucracy

Folder 52: S-93 Titel Mark

Folder 53: S-94 War Plans

Folder 54: S-98 Nationalism

Folder 55: S-99 Chivalry

Folder 56: S-100 War

Box 18: Research Material Cont.

Folder 1: Der Angriff Der UI

Folder 2: Fakfla Material

Folder 3: Material on Violence

Folder 4: Miscellaneous clippings for research

Folder 5: Miscellaneous clippings and notes for Sovereignty

Folder 6: Miscellaneous research material

Folder 7: Revolution Against War material

Folder 8: Research clippings-Sweden, Teaching situations, and U.S.A Personalities

Folder 9: Research material for Revolution Against War

Folder 10: Research material on Bureaucracy

Folder 11: “The Tale of the Jew”

Folder 12: Ullstein Mittelhalter-Research for Revolution Against War

Box 19: Research Material Cont.

Folder 1: UNAM – Defense research material

Folder 2: Unused material for Defense 3/55

Folder 3: Wilheim

Programs, Announcements, and News-clippings

Folder 4: Announcements and articles

Folder 5: Announcements of speaking engagements

Folder 6: Hartman news-clippings

Folder 7: Hartman – personal notes and mementos

Folder 8: Miscellaneous articles on Dr. Hartman

Folder 9: Miscellaneous University Publications

Folder 10: Posters, Announcements, and Articles

Folder 11: Prime Value and Number Project

Folder 12: University Publications

Folder 13: Speaking Engagements at Religious Institutions

Box 20: Published articles by Robert Hartman

Folder 1: A Logical Definition of Value

Anthropology and Scientific Method

A Aspectos Eticos de los Satelites

Axiologia Cientifica

Axiology as a Science

Axiologia y Semantica

Axiologia y Semantica un Ensayo Sobre la Medicion del Valor

Folder 2: Can Field Theory Be Applied to Ethics?

Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms

C-D Cassirer’s Philosophie der Symbolischen Formen

Compensation under the Profit Sharing Plan

Council of Profit Sharing Industries

Curso de Etica Systernatica y Seminiaro de Axiologia

Die Amerikanishe Produktivitat und der Faktor “Mensch”

Die Menschliche Person als Ausgangspunkt sozialer Erfindungen

Discussion: Axiology as a Science

Folder 3: El conocimiento del Valor: Teoria de los valores a mediados del siglo


El metodo cientifico de analisis y sintisis

El origen de la axiometra en la Republica de Platon

E Ertragsbeteiligung in U.S.A.

Ethical Values and Law in Action

Folder 4: Formal Axiology and the Measurement of Values

Four Axiological Proofs of the Infinite Value of Man

F-G General Theory of Value

Gewinnbeteiligung der Arbeiter

Gewinnbeteiligung in Amerika

Grundlagen und Praxis der Ertragsbeteligung

Folder 5: Is a Science of Ethics Possible?

I-K Kant’s Science of Metaphysics and the Scientific Method

Folder 6: La Axiologia Formal Aplicada a la Educacion

La Axiomatica del valor

La Creacion de una Etica Cientifica

La Diferencia Logica Entre-La Filosofia y la Ciencia

La Estructura Axiologica de la personalidad

La Ilustracion y su Enfoque de la Ciencia Natural

La Ontogenia del Simbolo, Prolegomenos a una filosofia de las formas Sintornaticas

L La Produccion de valor: Un Marco Para ]a Teleologia Cientifica

Lo Analitico y lo Sintetico Como Categorias Metodologicas

Folder 7: Menschen und von der Gesellschaft

Niveles del lenguaje Valorativo

Prime Number and Cosmical Number

M-P Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing-Democracy’s Answer

Profit Sharing-Its Place in the Free Enterprise System

Prolegomena to a Meta-Ansel mian Axiomatic

Folder 8: Razon y Razones del Valor: La Axiologia de la Escuela de Oxford

Reply to Eckhardt and Brumbaugh

R Research in the Logic of Value

Review of Metaphysics

Risieri Frondizi on the Nature of Value

Folder 9: Singular and Particular

Sputnik’s Moral Challenge

S-T Terminois Fundamentales en Etica

The Analytic and the Synthetic as Categories of Inquiry

The Axiometric Structure of Intrinsic Value

Folder 10: The Challenge of Peace

The Definition of Good: Moore’s Axiomatic of the Science of Ethics

T The Epistemology of the A Priori

Theoretische Grundlagen der Gewinnbeteiligung

The Language of Science and the Language of Value

The Logic of Value

The Logical Difference between Philosophy and Science

The Moral Situation: A Field Theory of Ethics

The Prospects of Peace in Europe

The Secretary of Peace

The Structure of Value

The Structure of Value: Foundations of Scientific Axiology

The Unique Role of the Church in the World to Come

The University and the World

Folder 11: Valor y Razon

Value Analysis of Legal Decisions

Value, Fact, and Science

V Value Theory as a Formal System

Vinstandelssystemets Principer och praktiska uppbyggnad

Vinstdelning: Samarbete mellan arbetstagare och foretagsledning I fria Foretag

Vinstdelningens plats I den fria foretagsarnheten

Folder 12: Articles about Hartman or his Work

Hartman: Three Critisisms , P.A.Y. Gunter

Robert S. Hartman 1910-1973 by John W. Davis

Employee Profit Sharing Pays Off by M. K. Wisehart

A Re-Interpretation of Ricardo on Value by John W. Cassels

Presenting Robert Hartman-Wooster Alumni Bulletin

Folder 13: Robert Hartman Publications

Hartman-List of German Books

Book by Hartman-Dem Erzeugur des Lebens die Disposition des Lebenswerks

Box 21: Hartman Publications from Axiology Files

Folder 1: A Logical Definition of Value

A Algunas Observaciones sobre Kierkegaard y “La Enfermedad Hasta La Muerte Tratado de la Desesperacion”

An objective Test of Value Differentiation

Folder 2: An Outline of Formal Axiology

A Axiology as a Science: A Rejoinder Note to Professor Neri Castaneda’s Review of La Estructura del Valor: Fundamentos de la Axiologia Cientifica

Folder 3: Cassirer’s Philosophie der Symbolischen Formen

C Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms

Comments on “Proposal for a Research Institute in Moral Values”

Folder 4: Das Institute fur sozialwirtschaftliche Betriebsberatung

D Defense

Die Geschichte einer Erfindung

Folder 5: El Capitalismo y las Relaciones Humanas

Ethics and Economics

E-H Fundamental Terms in Ethics

How to Change the World or the Paradox of Freedom

Folder 6: In War as in Peace-Teamwork

Individual in Management

I Introduccion a una Estimativa

Folder 7: Kant’s Science of Metaphysics and the Scientific Method

La Participacion de Utilidades en Mexico

K-M La Relacion entre el valor en General y los Valores Especificos

Life and Entropy

Lo Analitico y lo Sintetico como Categorias Metodologicas

Moral Types

Folder 8: “On Professor Neri Castaneda’s Review of La Estructura de Valor”

0 Outline of Formal Axiology

Folder 9: Philosophical Explorations

P Prime Number and Cosmical Number

Folder 10: Research in the Logic of Value: A Report

R Responsibility

Folder 11: Singular and Particular

Sweden Talk

S-T Terminos Fundamentales en Etica

Theory and Practice of Industrial Relations

Folder 12: The Analysis of Value

Folder 13: The Expression of Value

Folder 14: The Institute of Ethical Research

Folder 15: The Measurement of Value: Set Theory as Value Theory

T The Measurement of Value

The Pressures from Philosophy and Psychology for Educational Reform

Folder 16: The Self in Kierkegaard

The Science of Decision Making

T The Science of Value

The Scientific Method of Analysis and Synthesis

Box 22:

Folder 1: The Structure of Personality

Folder 2: The Technology of Value

T The Value Structure of Personality

Transcript of Speech: Tenth Annual Institute of Modern Management

Folder 3: Unsere Existentielle Situation: Werden Wir Alle Zusaammen Sterben?

U-W Value Propositions


What Happened at Katyn?

Folder 4: Miscellaneous Notes and Articles

Folder 5: Chapter One of Manuscript-Title Unknown

Folder 6: German Manuscript translation of Structure of Value (not complete)

Folder 7: The Moral Situation Part I

Folder 8: The Moral Situation Part II

Folder 9: The Moral Situation Part III

Folder 10: Hartman-Structure of Value- copy for series half title

Box, 23: Books by Robert S. Hartman

Folder 1: The Structure of Value Copy 1

Folder 2: The Structure of Value Copy 2 Page Proof

Folder 3: The Structure of Value Copy 3

Folder 4: Die Struktur Des Wertes: Grundlegung der Wissenschaftlichen Axiologie 1-269

Folder 5: Die Strutur … Teil Drei pp. 270-611 Thesis by L.A. Ricardo Ortiz Certucha “Axioadministracion: Solucion Viable a la Problematica Actual del Trabajo” ( 3 volumes)

Box 24:

Folder 1: “Formal Axiology and its Critics” Note on original file requests contents to be kept in order as is.

Folder 2: Freedom to Live: The Bob Hartman Story, written for Nationwide Insurance Co. Columbus, Ohio

Folder 3: Miscellaneous Hartman Material

Folder 4: “My Work” by Robert Hartman

Folder 5: Paul Weiss Conversation in Shorthand and its Translation

Articles by other authors

Folder 6: “A Research Demonstration of a Computer-Generated Index of Job

A-H “Possibilities for Specific Disabilities” by Arthur Ray Ellis

Cuatro Pruebas Axiologicas de Valor Infinito del Hombre

Foundation of Integrated Education

Foundation for Social Research

Ginn, Loyd-Paper 1978

Hartman Value Profile Pilot Study at the Atlanta Employment

Evaluation and Services Center by Arthur R. Ellis

Folder 7: In Defense of a Divine Command Theory of Ethics by Glen C. Graber

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value and Valuation

K-N Kibbutz Merhavia: Analysis of Hartman Value Inventory

Knowledge of Values in the Technological Scientific Epoch by

Ludwig Grunberg

New Knowledge in Human Values edited by Abraham H. Maslow

Folder 8: “Research Designs that Will Help to Reveal the Value of the Hartman

Value Profile” by John J. Austin

“Spiritual Research in the Secret of Life” by The First Community

R-V Church

Skinner, Nicholas-Introduction to Mathematical Axiology

The Intrinsic Master by Robert E. Carter

Tucker, Landrum-“A Comparison of the Value Preferences of

Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents and their Parents”

“The Value Structure of Education” by Maria Pliego Ballesteros

“Values that Promote Learning” by John J. Austin

Axiology Material

Folder 9: Adams, David

Folder 10: Ahuja, Dr. Victor Bravo

Folder 11: Bobbs-Merrill

Folder 12: Barocio, Samuel

Folder 13: Certucha, Ricardo Ortiz

Folder 14: Davis, John

Folder 15: Fowler, Martin C.

Folder 16: Hutschnecker, Arnold

Folder 17: Johnstone, F.F.

Folder 18: Miscellaneous letters and articles

Folder 19: Schildt, Dr. Evert

Folder 20: Skinner, Nick

Folder 21: Weiss, Paul-Suggestions for Hartman Papers

Box 25: Axiology-Finance

Folder 1: Axiometrics Inc.

Folder 2: Bank Statements and Cash Control

Folder 3: Contract forms for Hacienda

Folder 4: Data medical Contracts

Folder 5: Invoices paid on American National Account

Folder 6: Instituto Nacional de Energia Nuclear

Folder 7: Paid Invoices

Folder 8: Servicios Psicoaxiologicos

Folder 9: Void Checks 0

Axiology Student Papers and Exams

Folder 10: Brain Psychological Processes

Folder 11: Articles and Exams

Folder 12: Papers on Axiology

Folder 13: Newsletter-American Axiologist

Folder 14: Report on values

Folder 15: Science of Education Course

Axiology Material

Folder 16: Asesores de pensiones, S.A.

Folder 17: Axiogram

Folder 18: Axioscope

Folder 19: Axiograph Corrections

Folder 20: Axiometric Description Revisions

Folder 21: Axiometrics Inc. USA

Folder 22: Axiometrics Inc. Knoxville

Folder 23: Axiometrics Projections

Folder 24: Axiology Testing Material

Folder 25: Axiological Value Test

Folder 26: Bufete Matematico Actuarial

Folder 27: Cempae/material re: Dr. Cesar Tort

Folder 28: Clinical Hypothesis

Box 26: Axiology cont.

Folder 1: Combinatorial Analysis

Folder 2: Comision Federad de Electricidad

Folder 3: Conversation on Interpretations of HVI

Folder 4: Delinquency Prediction Tests

Folder 5: Early HVI Tests-Spanish Version

Folder 6: Fundacion para las Investigaciones Sociales, A.C.

Folder 7: Guia del Maestro-Axiologia

Folder 8: Hartman-“Some Problems for Axiologists”

Folder 9: Hartman Value Profile 1 of 3 folders

Folder 10: ” ” 2 of 3 folders

Folder 11: ” ” 3 of 3 folders

Folder 12: HVI Manuals

Folder 13: HVI Scoring Form revisions

Folder 14: HVI Test Interpretations l of 4 folders

Folder 15: ” ” ” 2 of 4 folders

Folder 16: ” ” ” 3 of 4 folders

Folder 17: ” ” ” 4 of 4 folders

Folder 18: HVI Testing Material

Folder 19: HVI Tests-Spanish Version

Folder 20: Inventario de Valores Hartman

Box 27: Axiology and Profit Sharing

Folder 1: Institute for the Advancement of Human Values

Folder 2: Instructions for Scoring Form

Folder 3: Introduction to Axiometric Testing

Folder 4: ISSSTE Booklets

Folder 5: ISSSTE El Proyecto Hartman

Folder 6: Jail Rehabilitation Program: An Evaluation

Folder 7: Mexicana de Aviacion

Folder 8: Notes for HVI Manual

Folder 9: Notes made during Linda’s visit re: Rita Hartman

Folder 10: Notes on how to correlate HVI

Folder 11: Notes to second part of HVI Manual

Folder 12: Project Axiology

Folder 13: Roche Psychiatric Service Institute

Folder 14: Test data

Folder 15: Testing Material-German

Folder 16: Testing Material-Spanish

Folder 17: Test Marketing Abroad re: HVI

Folder 18: Testing results for HVI

Folder 19: Test Roquet

Folder 20: Valoracion de Categorias

Profit Sharing

Folder 21: Asesores de Pensiones

Folder 22: Bio-material-Profit Sharing

Folder 23: Contract with Benno Schwabe & Co.

Box 28: Profit Sharing cont.

Folder 1: Correspondence 1944-1972

Folder 2: Correspondence and articles while Dr. Hartman was in Germany In 1952. (Profit Sharing and their new law. Mitbeshmmungsrecht)

Folder 3: Part 2

Folder 4: Newsletters and Articles on Profit Sharing

Folder 5: Profit Sharing Clippings

Folder 6: Profit Sharing as Social Reform material

Folder 7: Profit Sharing manual

Box 29: Tapes, Microfilm and Games

Reel Tapes

Abba Eben in UN

Adele Leaf

Aviomatric Conclusion (6)

Carta’s Letter

Futrinsic Value

German Political Party

Germany Today

Hidden Revolution

Marvin Katz Letter

Misc-Apollo 8

Moonlanding Apollo II

Paul Hern and Vietnam I

Paul Weiss and Bob Hartman (2)


Revolution and Vietnam

Russian I

Russian II

Russian III

Russian IV

Russian V

Russian VII

Russian IX

Russian X


Russland Vortrag

Senator Humphrey

Unknown (1)

Vietnam III

Vietnam IV

Vietnam V

Vietnam VI

Vietnam VII

Vietnam VIII

Vietnam IX


Audio Cassettes

Discussion on Futrinsic Value (5)


Electrical Commission (2)

Unknown (4)

Value Lecture in Spanish


Hartman’s personal journals starting in Berlin 1924

Diary 1936


Logic and Theory (4)

Etched metal plate of Robert Hartman

Box 30: Notes

Small drawer of notes by Robert Hartman

Small wallet with miscellaneous identification belonging to Hartman

Journal of names – people rescued from concentration camps and transported to Sweden

Shoebox of notes to Hartman’s Doctoral Thesis

Law reference books for Doctoral Thesis (2)

Box of notes for Defense

Envelope of personal notes

Envelope of notes on religion

Envelope marked “notes to be deciphered”

Envelope of miscellaneous notes

Box 31: Scrapbooks

Four scrapbooks of news clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, and brochures

The scrapbooks were not photocopied because of their fragile condition.

However, the Hartman collection contains duplicates of most of the material

found in the scrapbooks

Box 32: Inventory for ISSSTE

6 volumes of ISSSTE

2 HVI Test volumes

Box 33: Math books and Test Material

39 items

Box 34: Photos

Folder 1: WWII – 46 photos

Folder 2: WWII and Holocaust – 60 photos

Folder 3: WWII soldiers taking prisoners – 15 photos

Folder 4: Hitler and his Army – 44 photos

Folder 5: Most photos unidentified – 36 photos and negatives

No Box Audio discs 33 1/3 rpm

Ethics of Industrial Relations/We Deal in Futures

The American Way “Profit Sharing vs Wage Increases”

Ethics of Industrial Relations (4)

Dorothy Yontz and Jane Williams “No Other Star”

Unknown (3)

No Box Two File cabinets, 2 drawers each of notes and clippings

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