Validation Studies

Information about validation studies is available from the following sources.

(1)You may download Dr. Robert K. Smith’s excellent Compendium of Validity Studies from his website. Go to:

(2)You may download Wayne Carpenter’s extensive Validity Studies Of The Hartman Profile Model from his Axiometrics International website. Go to: Axiometrics International. Then go to the lower left and click on the link ‘Ai assessment and screening reports’.

(3) John J. Austin discusses “The Validation of a Value Test” in his article on  “The Hartman Value Profile” in Rem B. Edwards and John W. Davis, eds., Forms of Value and Valuation: Theory and Applications. See publication and ordering details on our Books and Publications page.

(4) Dr. Leon Pomeroy’s most recent book, The New Science of Axiological Psychology, came out in 2005. It is the most recent, comprehensive, thorough, and worldwide validation effort. See publication and ordering details on our Books and Publications page.

(5) Dr. Steve Byrum’s validity studies done in 2005 for BlueCross Blue shield is now available. To read it click here.

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