RSHI Newsletter: Winter 2017

2017 RSHI January Newsletter

Greetings and warm wishes for a wonderful New Year. The Hartman Institute has much activity planned already, and is looking for your ideas for whatever else can help you see into Value Science and axiology more deeply.

We had a solid Board Meeting in October and made several decisions regarding resources we want to offer. Pam Brooks and Adina Borta spent several days at the University library in Knoxville, collecting information on the Hartman materials that are kept there.

Jay Niblick will work with them to get them online for members to access. There are articles by Hartman, notes from his courses and counseling sessions, books, and photos, among other things. We hope to have these digitized so that you can access them easily from the Members section of the site… [DOWNLOAD PDF to Read More]

Join our LinkedIn group! To join our group contact Adina Borta,

Also, don’t forget to access the Hartman materials on the RSHI website. If you’re a member, of course, you’ll be able to hear audios of Hartman, read some of his notes and articles, see some of the conference presentations, and read past issues of the journal. But even if you’re not a member, you’ll be able to access the current journal issue. Now that I think of it, why not become a member? We’re a great group of people and we’d love to have you join us!

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