• 2015 Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference

    The Robert S Hartman Institute invites you to join us in Phoenix, Arizona for our 2015 Annual Hartman Institute conference! Participants will have a chance to share what they are working on now, how they are using axiology in their work and life, and what they see ahead … [Continue Reading]

    2015 Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference
  • Hartman Value Profile

    How, what, and why do we and should we value? The science of formal axiology, developed by Robert S. Hartman, provides rational answers to many of our questions about human values. Our values are the keys to our personalities, to self-knowledge, and to understanding … [Continue Reading]

    Hartman Value Profile



The Hartman Institute affirms the importance of a diversity of approaches to the formalization, interpretation, and application of Hartman’s theory, and it has no allegiance to any … [Read More]


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Axiological Service Providers

Axiology consultants and distributors

Axiological Service Providers (ASP) are those members of the Robert S. Hartman Institute who use profiles in a business, coaching or consulting setting. We invite you to take a look at our current … [Read More]