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We collect, compile, preserve, protect, evolve, teach and share Robert S. Hartman's value theory and foundations.

ROBERobert S. HartmanRT S. HARTMAN (1910 – 1973) was a philosopher, professor and business person who pioneered the science of values (”axiology”) as a field of study. He was nominated in 1973 for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hartman's work in the science of values serves as a tool for understanding human character—it has been used by business people, leaders, executive coaches, psychologists, political scientists, economists, and philosophers.  It provides insight into business practices such as management, customer relations, employment, hiring, training, coaching, promoting, re-assigning, and retaining employees.

The Institute has been active for over 40 years (since 1976) with the single intent of changing the world for the better through understanding the science of values.  We have many active members from a variety of countries ranging from philosophers to Hartman consultants (”axiological service providers"). 

Robert S. Hartman, “I am morally good if I am as I am. All the words of ethics mean this very same thing, this identification of myself with myself; being sincere, honest, genuine, true, having self-respect, integrity, authenticity.”   

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