The Robert S. Hartman Institute is the only non-profit specifically focused on formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory).




The Robert S. Hartman Institute has been active for over 40 years, established in 1976, with the single intent of changing the world for the better through understanding the science of values. We collect, compile, preserve, protect, evolve, teach, and share Dr. Robert S. Hartman's value theory and foundations.

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As a global organization, our members span continents and industries from business people, leaders, executive coaches, psychologists, political scientists, economists, and philosophers. We offer affordable membership tiers granting access to over $750 worth of annual value from The Journal of Formal Axiology to Quarterly Axiological Seminars and much more.


Dr. Robert S. Hartman was a philosopher, professor, and business professional who pioneered the science of values (”axiology”) as a field of study. Hartman's work in the science of values serves as a tool for understanding human character. It provides insight into business practices such as management, customer relations, employment, hiring, training, coaching, promoting, re-assigning, and retaining employees.

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If you want to get involved, register for our regular events! From free (open to all) Hartman Happy Hours to our members-only Quarterly Axiological Seminars, we dive into the application and legacy of Hartman's work and thought surrounding value theory and formal and applied axiology.

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“I am morally good if I am as I am. All the words of ethics mean this very same thing, this identification of myself with myself; being sincere, honest, genuine, true, having self-respect, integrity, authenticity.”

— Robert S. Hartman