Robert S. Hartman had this vision:

"Just as today's mathematics is the language of natural science, Axiology will then be the language of value science. The categories of Axiology can be applied to anything; anything from the lowest to the highest can be valued in all 3 processes, systemically, extrinsically and intrinsically. We must let it be known that we have the opportunity to live in 3 worlds, the systemic world of rules, the social world of the senses, and the moral or spiritual world of our inner selves, therein to live balanced, meaningful lives."

The Robert S. Hartman Institute is committed To collect, compile, preserve and protect in unity and solidarity information concerning and related to formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman. The Institute and the study of Axiology would not be where it is today without the contributions and dedication of the forefathers of Axiology:

Early RSHI Meeting

Early RSHI Meeting
Standing (L to R): Gilberto Carrasco, Frank Forrest, Richard Clarke, John Austin, Norm Adair, Gary Gallopin, Vera Mefford, Robert Carter
Seated (L to R): Leon Pomeroy, Art Ellis, Gary Acquaviva, Rita Hartman, John Davis, David Mefford
The Hartman History Series has been researched and written by RSHI Member and Volunteer Warren Rutherford. You can find out more about Warren on his Linked In page.

RSHI Wisdom Council Member and former Hartman student, Art Ellis, PhD. has helped guide this process.