Policy Statement 

1. The Robert S. Hartman Institute (RSHI) exists for the sole purpose of advancing the axiological work of Robert S. Hartman. The RSHI, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1976 and is primarily involved in contributing to and facilitating research and communication relating to Hartman’s work. The RSHI has an annual meeting devoted to discussion and presentation of formal papers. The RSHI publishes an annual journal. The RSHI is governed by an elected Board.

2. In cooperation with heirs of Robert S. Hartman, and by contract with the heirs, the RSHI advances study relating to the papers of Robert S. Hartman held in the collections of the graduate library of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

3. The RSHI is a forum for the discussion of Hartman’s philosophical work, and a forum for the discussion of findings and applications relating to “The Hartman Value Profile,” (HVP) an axiological assessment instrument designed to give insight into human beings.

4. The RSHI does not, as an Institute, certify the competence of any individual in the use of the HVP. The RSHI does not accept responsibility for or make comment as an administrative entity on the use of the HVP by any individual or group. The RSHI, in this respect, does not “police” the use of the tool, nor does the RSHI accept any responsibility for the use of the instrument. It is absolutely not the stated intent of the RSHI to have this kind of relationship with users of the HVP. In like manner, no individual who is a member of the RSHI has the authority to speak for the RSHI on the use of the HVP by any individual user. The RSHI can only state that a member is a dues paying member and in “good standing” in that regard with the organizational entity and its membership guidelines. That a person is a member and is in “good standing” does not imply expertise or competence in using the HVP.

5. It is not within the purview of the RSHI to deal with or respond to any complaints whatsoever related to HVP user practices, accuracy of interpretations, or personal conduct. Any such comments are the result of personal conclusions and personal feelings of singular individuals, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the RSHI.