The 44th Annual Conference (Fall, 2020) Videos and Follow Up

We are so pleased to be able to continue the long tradition of the Hartman Institute Conference with our first-ever
virtual meeting.  If you were unable to attend the conference, you can still access the videos
from all sessions, plus additional additional links.  

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Access 2020 RSHI Conference Videos Now 

A Summary of Attendee Feedback from Day 1:

"Each presentation had its own unique perspective on HVP,
Dr. Hartman, and how to integrate axiology into our personal
and professional lives. "

"Wonderful to hear the stories of people who worked with
Robert Hartma
n and to hear how formal axiology is
impacting people’s lives."


"This was truly a GLOBAL conference."     


"The example how to make Value Science more understandable."    

Understanding that this is a science and the application is an art." 

"The feeling of family and dedication to making the world a better place."