We've created a set of resources to help guide you on your Hartman and formal axiology journey.


If you are a new Hartman Institute Member and/or new to Axiology here are resources, actions, and a key Member Benefit that you can use to gain more insight about Robert S. Hartman, his work, and about axiology and value science:



  1. Read Hartman's story in Freedom to Live: The Robert Hartman Story  (Note: Purchasing from the RSHI Bookstore benefits the Institute.)

  2. Watch this inspiring presentation Let's Change the World presented by College Professor Cliff Hurst, Ph.D., RSHI VP of Research. 

    Cliff challenges us all to take these four steps:    

    • Step 1 - START HERE: Take the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) Assessment - Ask someone you know or look at the Axiological Service Providers.
    • Step 2 - NEXT:  If you are a Practitioner, using one version of the HVP, and you are not familiar with how others are using HVP - learn and share best practices. (RSHI Conferences, Books and Blog.)
    • Step 3 - AND NEXT: Gain a deeper understanding of value theory and share it with others.  (RSHI Conferences, Books and Blog.)
    • Step 4 - LASTLY: Learn more about other aspects of Hartman's work, such as: teleology, peace, spirituality, ethics and more.  (Consider helping the Institute preserve, publish and share it with the world.)



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Lastly, when you log in to the Member Only area you will find complimentary access to all Journals of Formal Axiology. These journals have been published since 2008 by the Robert S. Hartman Institute. Each edition is focused on advancing formal axiology and the value theory of Robert S. Hartman and includes articles dealing primarily with axiological practice and application, as well as with theoretical issues.


Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us!