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Empirical Evidence of the Effectiveness of Teaching Formal Axiology for in Adults and Adolescents

Presented by Gilberto Hernandez, PhD

March 18, 2022

11 AM - 1 PM (EST)

2-Hour Zoom Seminar 

*This seminar will be recorded

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Gilberto Hernandez, PhD will share the result of his Doctoral thesis, a 20-year investigation and with his main advisor Dr. Mario Cárdenas Trigos, the co-author of the HVP.

You will learn about his four step process for his thesis and about the educational model of human growth that he developed called Axio-orientation. You will also learn about his investigation process and the statistically significant results of teaching Axio-orientation to adolescents and adults, resulting in empirical evidence of the effectiveness of teaching Formal Axiology.

GILBERTO CARRASCO HERNÁNDEZ is a Military Industrial Engineer and a college teacher. His academic life has been dedicated to research on theoretical Formal Axiology and its application to the field of Human Development. Since 1980, he has worked with colleagues and followers of Robert S. Hartman including Alfonso Lozano, Mario Cárdenas Trigos, Marcos Gojman, Ricardo Ortiz, Leonardo Gómez Navas, Israel Stolar, Leon Pomeroy, Rem B. Edwards, David Mefford, and Vera Mefford.

Gilberto studied Philosophy at UNAM and he did his Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Human Development at the Iberoamerican University. He has two Diplomas in Christian Family Counseling at Christian Baptist Church Shalom, and he is studying Christian Theology at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary (Campus of Cuernavaca City). His doctoral dissertation, titled Axio-orientation, A Proposal to Facilitate the Enrichment of the System of Values of the Personality, was development between 1999 and 2021. 

In 2001, Gilberto published his book, The Axiological Theory of Human Development. For the last 20 years, he has worked to extend formal axiology and his own ideas on human development to teachers and students in diverse institutions. He is currently serving in the Board of Directors of the Robert S. Hartman Institute. You may email him at [email protected].

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Missed one of our Quarterly Seminars? Members can watch the video recordings at anytime!

See our Past Quarterly Seminar Recordings 


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