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Goodness, Value and Business Science: A ValueWave(TM) Seminar by Doug Lawrence

Friday, March 19th, 2021

This seminar builds on the 2015 Hartman Conference Presentation given by Doug entitled “Expanding Axiology.” The seminar will cover the theories of Goodness and Value and their application to “Business Science.”

11 AM - 1 PM (EST)
2-Hour Zoom Seminar 
Registration Deadline is March 12th.

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More About This Seminar:  

Business Science.  Business is all about creating goods and services and delivering value to customers. It only stands to reason that “Value Science” should provide the theoretical underpinnings of “Business Science”.

Starting with Hartman’s Axiom of Good, this seminar promises to move “the good” into new realms that provide these critical underpinnings. In doing so, this will further clarify Hartman’s work and help bring it into perspective for business applications and beyond.


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