Axiological Service Provider Requirements

To be listed on the Axiological Service Provider page, Distributors* and Consultants must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. You must be due-paying members of the Robert S. Hartman Institute
  2. You must pay an annual listing fee or $250.00 to the Institute
  3. You must file a signed copy of our Code of Ethics with the Institute’s Treasurer.

  1. Membership dues and the annual listing fee must be renewed each year to be listed in the ASP Directory.
  2. Any Service Provider who has not  registered be removed from the Directory within 60 days.  
  3. Be sure to update your ASP Directory information with your company logo, company details and more.  Log In as a Member to make these edits. If you have any questions or run into any problems, send a message to: [email protected]

We distinguish Distributors* in the following way:
  • They train other Consultants
  • They support their affiliated Consultants
  • They publish or develop proprietary scoring, interpretations, and outputs for the Hartman Value Profile or its Parallel Forms or Derivatives

*Note: The Hartman Institute itself does not interpret the Hartman Value Profile or endorse any interpretations of it provided by Consultants and Distributors. The Institute also does not approve or endorse any alternative, parallel form, or derivative thereof. All Applied Axiologists assume full responsibility for all interpretations and other materials that they provide to their clients. Service Providers should never promote their own products, instruments, interpretations, and systems as officially endorsed by the Hartman Institute or as coming directly from Robert S. Hartman himself. The Hartman Institute Logo should never be used by anyone other than the Hartman Institute.