Our Mission and Purpose

The Mission of the Robert S. Hartman Institute is to:

systemically, to collect, compile, preserve, and protect in unity and solidarity information concerning and related to the formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman, and to define and maintain high ethical and professional standards with regard to Hartman’s legacy;

extrinsically, to develop and promote the teaching of and practical applications of Hartman’s theory of value to all relevant fields of study including academic, philosophical, psychological, and business applications, for example in the humanities and anthropology, and in business fields such as communications, advertising, hiring, selection and training, etc;

intrinsically, to exemplify, inspire, educate, and disseminate the theory and applications of scientific axiology, and to recruit and enlist new talent and potentials to carry the theory and applications forward into the future.


According to its charter, the purposes of the Robert S. Hartman Institute for Formal and Applied Axiology are:

  • To collect, compile and disseminate information concerning or relating to the formal and applied axiology (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman.
  • To seek the application of R. S. Hartman’s theory of value to all fields of study where relevant, e.g., in the humanities, creating axiological sciences.
  • To promote the further development of pure or formal axiology, thus elaborating the pure logic of value built upon the foundations of R. S. Hartman’s work.
  • To seek the further development and validation of the Hartman Value Profile as well as to promote the application of the profile in any area that the Institute may deem feasible.
  • To provide instruction, at the discretion of the Institute, on any and all levels in formal and applied axiology.

Any other purpose not specified here having to do with value theory and its relation to R. S. Hartman’s work may become a purpose of the Institute, adopted by simple resolution, as long as these purposes are lawful.

The Hartman Institute affirms the importance of a diversity of approaches to the formalization, interpretation, and application of Hartman’s theory, and it has no allegiance to any particular business model or organization.