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If you enjoy learning about how people use Hartman’s work, join us for our regular Hartman Happy Hours as we dive into the application and legacy of Hartman's work. These Happy Hours are available to all RSHI members to come, network, and share from their different perspectives and approaches to Hartman's work.

This is a complimentary, no fee, and regularly occurring event for anyone interested in Axiology and Robert S. Hartman. It will be a time to connect, collaborate, share, and learn! Join Us! 
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Hartman Happy Hour

April 14, 2021

Know, Choose, Grow and Give!  Understanding Hartman’s work from philosophy to psychology to personal growth!  Malcolm A. North, Ph.D.,

1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM CST / 9:00 PM BST

  • Learn how Hartman’s work comes from a philosophy of ideas
  • Find out how it Hartman's work influenced psychology
  • Gain new insight into using Hartman’s ideas in coaching and facilitation

This month's Facilitator,  Malcolm A. North, Ph.D. is with the University of Central Arkansas, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary PhD in Leadership Studies and RSHI Board Member

Malcolm has a Ph.D. in I.O. Psychology from Grand Canyon University, a M.A. from Columbia International University, a B.A.
from University Southern Queensland (Australia) and extensive post-graduate coursework in developmental and
business psychology, value theory and existential analysis. He is faculty for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D in Leadership Studies program.

He has 25 years in multinational and non-profit organizations, 5 years in human rights, investigation, social & cross-cultural research and10 years leadership development.

His focus areas include: Leadership Inquiry; Research Design; Integrating Leadership Theory; Multivariate Analysis and Scale Development; Organizational Leadership; Psychology of Leadership; Leadership identity, development and collective theories; Ethical and dysfunctional leadership; Dark Triad Value theory, value judgment and decision-making; Organizational change, learning, and structure.

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