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Hartman Happy Hour

August 11, 2021                 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM CST / 9:00 PM BST

Using the Hartman Value Profile to Identify Students in Need of Social Emotional Support in Public High Schools

Overview:  Mental health is a national epidemic for our young people.  Schools are scrambling to keep up with students' needs. With an average student to counselor ratio of 455 students to 1 counselor, tools to help identify and support students who are struggling with self-esteem, hopelessness, and belonging are more crucial than ever. Sueann Casey, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Co-Founder of the Indigo Education Company ( has used the Hartman Value Profile along with a suite of other assessment tools in over 200 high schools across the country.  She will discuss her data findings from schools, tell stories of real student’s lives who were changed, and share how schools are using the HVP to design intervention groups and improve the lives of their students.

Top Three Takeaways:

  • The HVP is a powerful way to connect with teenagers.
  • Education as a whole is meant to be an intrinsic system.
  • Students can experience rapid growth when seen as intrinsically valuable.

About Sueann Casey - Sueann has over 20 years of experience with youth leadership development and future-readiness. She taught as a middle school teacher in inner-city Baltimore and led various teen youth groups over the years. Sueann’s passion for personal development is at the core of Indigo’s mission: to recognize every individual’s intrinsic genius and allow them to develop their own strengths.


Sheri SmithAbout Sheri Smith -  Sheri is the founder and CEO of the Indigo Education Company and the Indigo Impact Initiative 501(c)3. Introduced to assessment technology for hiring and employee development in her early 20’s, Sheri is an expert in these tools, which are used to build high performing teams, coach leaders, and align human capital to the goals of an organization. Indigo uses these same concepts to engage students, empower educators, and transform schools. 

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  • December 8, 2021


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