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The Robert S. Hartman Institute would love your support if you feel inspired by his work and this community!

We do not have employees.

The Institute is managed by caring volunteers who give freely of their time to manage the website, conduct research, run the conferences, track members, publish Journals and more!  

We use contributions to cover hard costs - such as paying for tech and research support, covering the cost of the website, the journals and our conferences.  And - we'd like to do so much more. Help us offset hard cost expenses like this.

Join in on our vision to evolve and grow the way the world works, act and thinks by sharing the work of the science of values!

Help us share Hartman's peaceful messages and the path to self awareness and self-actualization.   Your contributions can help us spread these messages and keep Hartman's work alive. 

Will you contribute to this worthy work, today?

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We have the following contributions levels: 

$1,000 and higher

 Robert S. Hartman Level


  • William L Wilson, Judgment Index
  • Charlotte and Art Ellis, PhD
  • Rick Bowers, TTI Success Insights
  • KT Connor, PhD, Applied Axiometrics
  • Dave Blanchard,Og Mandino Group
 $500 through $999

 Rita Hartman Level


  • Cliff Hurst, PhD, Westminster College
 $100 through $499

 John W. Davis Level


  • Suzie Price, Priceless Professional Development
  • Danya Hurst, CD Hurst Consulting
 $1 through  $99

 Friends of the Institute Level


Will you contribute to this worthy work, today?
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