Additional Axiology Books 

Valuemetrics Bookcover

Frank G. Forrest, Daytona Beach, FL, Valuemetrics: The Science of Personal and Professional Ethics, (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 1994)

Formal Axiology Book Cover

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Rem B. Edwards, ed., Formal Axiology and Its Critics (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 1995)

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Our Ways bookcover

Armando Molina, Our Ways: Values and Character,  (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 1997)

This book seems to be out of stock everywhere

 Values, Violence Bookcover 

Gary Acquaviva, Violence, Values, and Our Future,  (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 2000)

 The Knowledge of Good Bookcover 

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Robert S. Hartman, The Knowledge of Good,  (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 2002). Co edited by Rem B. Edwards and Arthur Ellis

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 Dialogues on Values Bookcover 

Thomas M. Dicken and Rem B. Edwards, Dialogues on Values and Centers of Value: Old Friends, New Ideas, (Amsterdam - Atlanta: Editions Rodopi, 2002)

The New Science Bookcover 

Leon Pomeroy, The New Science of Axiological Psychology, (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 2005)

Beyond Perestroika Bookcover 

Gary Gallopin: Beyond Perestroika: Axiology and the New Russian Entrepreneurs,  (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Editions Rodopi, 2009)

What Today's Methodists bookcover 

Rem B. Edwards, What Today's Methodists Need to Know about John Wesley, (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2018) 

This book does not directly mention Hartman or Axiology, but it is still an application of Axiology to John Wesley's thought.

 John Wesley's Values book cover 

Rem B. Edwards, John Wesley’s Values—And Ours, (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2012)

 Spiritual Values and Evaluations bookcover 

Rem B. Edwards, Spiritual Values and Evaluations, (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2012)

 Axiological Process bookcover 

Rem B. Edwards, An Axiological Process Ethics, (Claremont, CA: Process Century Press, 2014)

Value and Valuation Book Cover

John Davis,  Value and Valuation, Axiological Studies in Honor of Robert S. Hartman, University of Tennessee Press; 1st edition (January 1, 1972)

A group of essays by 24 diverse contributors

 Historical Spectrum Book Cover

W.H. Werkmeister, Historical Spectrum of Value Theories, Johnsen Pub. Co (January 1, 1970)


Historical Spectrum Vol 2. Book Cover

W.H. Werkmeister, Historical Spectrum of Value Theories, Vol. 2, The Anglo/American Group, Johnsen Publishing (January 1, 1973)

Volume 2 includes Werkmeister's synopsis of Hartman's work.

What Caused the Big Bang?

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Rem B. Edwards, What Caused the Big Bang?, Brill Pub. Co (2001)


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