December 2021
Volume 44
Issue 5

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Dear Friends,


"Just as today's mathematics is the language of natural science, Axiology will then be the language of value science. The categories of Axiology can be applied to anything; anything from the lowest to the highest can be valued in all 3 processes, systemically, extrinsically and intrinsically. We must let it be known that we have the opportunity to live in three worlds, the systemic world of rules, the social world of the senses, and the moral or spiritual world of our inner selves, therein to live balanced, meaningful lives."  — Robert S. Hartman

Hartman's work shows us how to create a balanced and meaningful life.  This is why I'm passionate about the work we're doing at the Hartman Institute.   I also enjoy meeting other "Hartmaniacs."  A "Hartmanic" is  anyone interested in Hartman's work. This is a term inspired by Wisdom Council Chair Emeritus Wayne Carpenter.


Are you a "Hartmaniac"? If so, you'll want to watch the recordings from the 2021 (45th) Annual Conference.
(Available to registered attendees or buy access, here.)    Opening speaker Dave Blanchard shows how the Hartman Value Profile mathematical hierarchy works.  And how it helps us make effective changes. The title of his talk is Hartman: Galileo for the 21st Century.  He reflects on how different his life would be if he had not learned about Hartman and Axiology.  Dave is CEO of the Og Mandino Institute.


Also, check out the latest Formal Journal of Axiology: Theory and Practice, Volume 14 (2021). Once again it is rich with insight, actionable ideas and love. (Login as a Member for free access or buy online, here.) Rem Edwards wrote the opening article, Axiology and Spirituality.   I'm inspired by his description of a "wholistic" saint.   "...'wholistic' saints are well developed and live constantly and successfully in all three value dimensions. They are loving persons.  They are thoughtful, well informed, and know what they are doing."   Rem was a younger colleague of Hartman.  He retired as a Lindsay Young Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus at UTK.


A happy WELCOME to these new members of the RSHI Board of Directors:

  • Edward Korbal, Organizational Development Consultant, Ph.D. Candidate, Cabrini University
  • Carol Mettenbrink Sr. Bus. Services Consultant, TTI Success Insights
  • Zane Scott Vice President for Professional Services, Zuken Vitech Inc 


And to all "Hartmanics" — THANK YOU for being a part of the Institute and for working to change the world for the better!


With Appreciation, 

Suzie Price
RSHI Board President


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