The Robert S. Harman Institute Elects New Board Members

The institute is pleased to announce its newly elected Board of Directors who will continue to steward the institute's mission and strategies to change the world for the better by developing, applying, and making famous Formal Axiology and Hartman's legacy.

The Robert S. Harman Institute Elects New Board Members

Knoxville, TN – January 1, 2020

The Robert S. Hartman Institute is pleased to announce their newly elected Board of Directors. Suzie Price, of Priceless Professional Development, will replace KT Connor, PhD as President of the Board. Secretary Adina Borta will be replaced by Jen Rowley. Gilberto Carrasco, from Mexico, will also be ending his service. Other new members to join the Board are: Pam Brooks, Massachusetts, Malcolm North, Arkansas, Sophie Coulthard from the UK, and Ron Laurie from Australia.

“I’m grateful to all those who were willing to put their name in for possible election. We had a difficult time making our choices--all were so promising! But we hope that there will be other ways for all of you to use your good spirit to help move the Institute in its mission to make the world a better place.” Said outgoing President, KT Connor, PhD.

"It's an honor to support the vision and mission of the Hartman Institute.  We stand on the shoulders of Dr. Hartman and all of the past Board Members who, for over 45 years, have shared their time and innumerable talents to lead the Institute to where it is today. We have had a blessed past and I see an exciting future of growing and evolving, ahead!” said Suzie Price, incoming President.

About The Robert S. Hartman Institute The Robert S. Hartman Institute was founded in 1976 as a non-profit research organization. It’s mission is to collect, compile, preserve and protect in unity and solidarity information concerning and related to formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman. Learn more at

About Robert S. Hartman (1910 – 1973) was a philosopher, professor, and business person who pioneered the science of values (”axiology”) as a field of study. He was nominated in 1973 for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hartman's work in the science of values serves as a tool for understanding human character—it has been used by business people, leaders, executive coaches, psychologists, political scientists, economists, and philosophers. His lifelong quest was to answer the question “what is good?” and his answer has left us with a profound and powerful science that has the potential to shape the future of humanity in its many endeavours.

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