The Timeless Principles of Applying Axiology to Every Person, Situation, and Thing

The 45th Annual Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference theme was Timeless Principles: Thinking Better and Living Fully. The conference spanned three days and multiple sessions throughout the Fall months. Each session featured a vast array of speakers united in the institute’s mission to continue to change the world for the better by transforming value systems to be Relationships (Intrinsic) > Results (Extrinsic) > Strategy (Systemic).

If you weren’t able to attend or missed a session, you can recap the entire conference through this summary — or, even better, buy access to the videos to dive deep into the formal axiology content!

This conference would not have been possible without the dedicated effort from our Conference Host and Board Chair, Suzie Price. Many, many thanks.

It is truly amazing to see the diversity of the Hartman Institute membership. Each person provides a different perspective and insight into using Hartman's work in countless work and personal settings. Our speakers this year came with thought-provoking propositions, discussions, and unique ways that each honor Dr. Hartman’s legacy.


Recapping Day 1: Understanding Formal Axiology and Dr. Robert S. Hartman

September 21st, 2021


To kick off the conference, Dave Blanchard of the Og Mandino Institute shared his perspective that Hartman is the Galileo for the 21st Century. Blanchard shared how through the Hartman Value Profile, you can get a sneak peek into how a person is thinking but not knowing why they think that way, so consultants can then have a tangible ability to help that person make change.


Blanchard references personality as "memorized emotions" and "if we can measure those, zero in on those, and make small tweaks in our habits of thinking it would swing huge gates." In this session, Blanchard opened up a thought-provoking discussion on the Hartman Value Profile and how, as an assessment tool, it provides a precise focus for individual self-development. 

Several members and speakers of the Institute participating in the conference had the opportunity to work with Dr. Hartman. Art Ellis is one of those individuals, and his sentiments are nothing short of grateful, "Exposure to Dr. Hartman was the most stimulating educational experience I ever had." Those who had the chance to work alongside Dr. Hartman remember him not only for his progressive way of thinking and lifelong dedication to his work but also for his warmth, humor, intensity, and brilliance.

From another session, “Insights of Today Wisdom of the Past” with Art Ellis, Catherine Foster (Blakemore), and Cliff Hurst, Ph.D., discussed how "Axiology gives us a window with which to discuss spirituality and religion in ways that we haven't done." Hurst goes on to discuss how if we used axiology as a framework for conversation in our society, we could transform civil discourse.

In a small group discussion, Richard Worthington and Sophie Coulthard shared ideas on “Hartman's Legacy for Future Generations.”

"What needs to happen for a legacy to continue on? The things that we remember about people that have impacted us really wasn't about teaching us what to do in our lives or how to overcome a specific challenge in a particular way; it was really changing the way we think." – Richard Worthington.

The conference was just getting started!

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Recapping Day 2: Applying and Working with the Hartman Value Profile

October 5th, 2021

On Day 2, the conversation went deeper, featuring Ron Price with “Axiology for the Next Generation”, Wayne Carpenter, Ph.D., on “How the Meta Structure of Axiology Applies to Everything”, and Steve Byrum with “Correlating The Hartman Value Profile with the Maslach Burnout Inventory” — let's dive in!

In these sessions, we learned more about how the Hartman Value Profile and formal axiology itself can be applied in countless situations.

Ron Price kicks off the first session of the second day with, "When the Hartman Value Profile is applied appropriately, we're getting a dip into their subconscious. We're getting a chance to see how they think before they think consciously."

With this information, consultants using the Hartman Value Profile can pinpoint a deeper level conversation starter with the individual and help their clients focus on what to work on when it comes to developing their full selves.

"Formal axiology is an organizing system of logic that provides a way to measure and organize value in the same way that mathematics organizes science." – Ron Price

 Hartman's theory and legacy are built off working to find a way to organize good in the same way that math rules organize science — in the way that there are measurable results. 

Wayne Carpenter, who has also had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Hartman, spoke about how "Axiology is a meta-model of consciousness, it's a model which exists and provides access into other types of subsystems, inside conceptual systems of organization in the way we think and make decisions."

Carpenter discussed how the axiological process of consciousness or decision-making is consistent over all sentient beings.

Fun fact alert! Steve Byrum pointed out, during his session, that between Art Ellis, Wayne Carpenter, Vera Mefford, Rem Edwards, and himself, there is over 250 years of combined experience with the Hartman Value Profile and more especially with Hartman's philosophy and axiology.

In Steve Byrum's session, he reviews the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and how Dr. Hartman's axiology as the intrinsic, extrinsic, and systemic can be applied to the MBI.

"The MBI is primarily an after-the-fact inventory of the impact of burnout in terms of various causes and various consequences. The HVP is primarily a before-the-fact predictor of what propensities of a person's value system which may incline them toward certain kinds of burnout impacts. Therefore, conversations and insights based on their HVP can prepare a person or groups of people to understand how the factors advancing burnout will likely create impact." – Steve Byrum

The diversity in thought and practice from our speakers and our members made this year’s conference a distinctly special event.

But, that's not all! We have a third day of expanding on timeless principles for living fully up next!

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Recapping Day 3: Thinking Beyond Today’s Application

November 9th, 2021

For the final conference day, Clifford G. Hurst, Ph.D. discusses “The Third Stage of Capitalism”, Jay Morris, Ph.D. shares “Intuitive Agility” with us, and Mike Poskey talks about Leveraging Axiology and AI. To wrap it all up, Chet Marino, Jim Comenzo, and Suzie Price facilitate small group discussions on “Daily Habits for Thinking Better and Living Fully.”

Cliff Hurst, Ph.D., shared his thoughts on “The Third Stage of Capitalism” rooted in many of Hartman’s unpublished thoughts surrounding the partnership of capital and labor. 

"We'll know that we've reached the third stage of capitalism when generally accepted accounting principles catch up with, what is, for now, largely a platitude about people being assets." – Clifford G. Hurst, Ph.D. 

In a concurrent session, Mike Poskey goes over how his company, ZeroRisk HR, uses the Hartman Value Profile and artificial intelligence to analyze organizational thinking patterns to help with client profitability.

"I've never ever [before] — not even close — had the results that I've had from using axiology, and so for me, this is what we wanted to build our entire organization around, just that one assessment, to really focus on going deep with that particular tool." – Mike Poskey

Mike Poskey goes over some fascinating analytics in his session detailing how his company incorporates the Hartman Value Profile to zero in on the risk of hiring certain profiles of individuals (pun intended).

Jay Morris' session prompted thought-provoking self-reflection, "Am I being who I am? Not being defined by what I think people think of me. But have I truly recognized my gifts and talents?" 

Morris reminds us of the importance of self, or the intrinsic, "If we allow that intuitive side to speak, it will provide that direction and guidance that we need."

The conference came to a close with some beloved quotes by Dr. Hartman to kick off the final breakout sessions for deeper conversation and discussion: 

"Know yourself. Choose yourself. Grow yourself. Give yourself to something greater than yourself." – Dr. Hartman

"To scramble around on the treadmill of extrinsic value is not only immature, its inefficient, for it shuts up your infinite powers and lets them lie idle. It prevents you from really living." – Dr. Hartman.

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To say that the 45th annual Robert S. Hartman conference was phenomenal would be an understatement. Those who participated had nothing short of great sentiments — check them out!

"This has been such a gem of a conference. We would benefit so much in our world today from Hartman's inspiration. Thanks, thanks, thanks! So glad I could make it." 

"Since my intro to Axiology & Hartman in 1973, it is WONDERFUL to be part of this today - to see disciples of Hartman growing and his legacy spreading around the world." 

"Feeling the energy of other hart-maniacs all in one place!" 

We are so grateful for all of our wonderful speakers, members, axiological service providers, and overall Hartmaniacs who continue to share Dr. Hartman's life-changing thoughts with the world.

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Suzie Price - Monday, January 31, 2022

I appreciate this recap! Another great conference. The principled shared are timeless. Thank you for creating this recap and to all the presenters for sharing their wisdom, time and talents! So many wonderful takeaways...

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