Summer 2020 Newsletter: Letter from the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter teasing the content of the 2020 Annual Conference and inviting all members and non-members to register to learn more about Hartman, about others who share his spirit, and others who help our strange new world be a better one. 



Once again let me say, “Let’s all get together!”

I mean at our Annual Conference on September 22nd, October 13th, and November 10th.

The way our Conference Chair Suzie Price set up the conference with her team is a great chance to meet the challenge of these changing times. And it invokes the energy of Hartman’s thinking to bring a fantastic future into the present.

We have wonderful speakers, including several who were actually friends and students of Robert Hartman. They will help you really get a feel for the man he was. In fact, you will experience the gift of Using Good Judgment, Doing Good Things, and Letting Love Lead throughout the conference.

If you’re a member, come and get to know the other members. If you’re not, still come and get to know the others. They are great people. Some are business owners, some are consultants, some are practitioners of assessment sources. All feel captured enough by what Hartman has started, to dive into the results and move them forward. For their own benefit, yes, but also for the benefit of others.

And who knows, maybe you'll then want to join. (It will reduce your conference fee, for one thing.)

Many of these wonderful members are interested in helping the vision and mission inspired by Hartman’s thinking to go forward. Moreover, some have expressed a willingness to work with the Institute on the board. They know the board is committed to make the world a better place by developing and spreading the thinking of this man.

So look forward to learning more about Hartman, about others who share his spirit, and others who help our strange new world be a better one. We hope we see you at the conference. And hope you dare us to invite you to see how to deepen yourself, your work, and your world. For that’s what we want to do!  

K.T. Connor, PhD

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