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SUMMER 2020  |   VOLUME 43   |   ISSUE 5

Board President Letter
2020 Conference Registration
Membership Reminders
Journal of Axiology Updates
Contributions & Publications Notice


Greetings ,

Once again let me say, “Let’s all get together!”

I mean at our Annual Conference September 22nd, October 13th, and November 10th.

The way our Conference Chair Suzie Price set up the conference with her team is a great chance to meet the challenge of these changing times. And it invokes the energy of Hartman’s thinking to bring a fantastic future into the present.

We have wonderful speakers, including several who were actually friends and students of Robert Hartman. They will help you really get a feel for the man he was. In fact you will experience the gift of Using Good Judgment, Doing Good Things, and Letting Love Lead throughout the conference.

If you’re a member, come and get to know the other members. If you’re not, still come and get to know the others. They are great people. Some are business owners, some are consultants, some are practitioners of assessment sources. All feel captured enough by what Hartman has started, to dive into the results and move them forward. For their own benefit, yes, but also for the benefit of others.

And who knows, maybe you'll then want to join. (It will reduce your conference fee, for one thing.)

Many of these wonderful members are interested in helping the vision and mission inspired by Hartman’s thinking to go forward. Moreover, some have expressed a willingness to work with the Institute on the board. They know the board is committed to make the world a better place by developing and spreading the thinking of this man.

So look forward to learning more about Hartman, about others who share his spirit, and others who help our strange new world be a better one. We hope we see you at the conference. And hope you dare us to invite you to see how to deepen yourself, your work, and your world. For that’s what we want to do!  

K.T. Connor, PhD


44th Annual RSHI Conference:

Come join us at our first-ever virtual conference!  

Listen to and learn from 20+ professionals from around the world who use this wonderful work to help others: use good judgment, make good decisions, and lead with love. 

Let's all work together to make the world a better place.   

There will be 9 sessions, spread out over 3 months, delivered in a half-day session each month. 


Tuesday, September 22  | Tuesday, October 13  |  Tuesday, November 10

8:00 a.m. PDT / 10:00 AM CDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT/ 4:00 PM BST / 5:00 p.m. CEST

Each day will include:
  1) Plenary Session for All
  2) Practitioner Track
  3) Academic Track
    Agenda Specific Here    

      All sessions will be recorded and made available
      to Members and those who have registered.

      Access ALL Sessions with your registration
      — even if you can't attend at the time!

 $75 for Members
$175 for Non-Members (Become a Member and save $25!)
$35 Students / Instructors (You'll automatically become a Member)

Register Here

Questions? Suggestions? 
 Contact Conference Chair: 

Suzie Price, Priceless Professional Development
[email protected]

Dear RSHI members,

Are you interested in starting to take a more influential role with the institute? Looking to share your voice, lend your expertise, and make a difference? We're interested in getting to know you!

In 2020, it is our goal to develop committees of this institute led by members of the board in select areas like Research, Publications, Marketing, Membership, and more. If joining a committee sounds like something you're interested in email me at [email protected].

And don't forget, part of your membership includes an optimized member profile in the member directory. Use this space to share your story, link to your website, and promote yourself! See how in the Member's Area Guide.

If you have any trouble accessing or renewing your membership, please email: [email protected] 

Catherine Blakemore
VP of Membership

Download the
Member's Area Guide


We are deeply excited to announce that submissions are closed for 2020 for the Journal of Formal Axiology: Theory and Practice.

In the coming months, we will be compiling these submitted works for publication and look forward to sharing Volume 13 of the journal with you soon.

While submissions for 2020 are closed, we are taking submissions for 2021. Guidelines for submission, as stated in the front pages of the Journal, are:

  • This journal is published once a year by the Robert S. Hartman Institute. All articles must have an obvious connection with the formal axiology or value theory of Robert S. Hartman and its applications. Articles may be critical, constructive, creative, theoretical, or applied. None dealing with axiology, in general, will be considered. Articles must advance our understanding of Hartmanian axiology and/or what can be done with it. No manuscripts will be accepted that merely summarize what is already known, or that have been previously published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere.
  • MANUSCRIPTS should be submitted as e-mail attachments to Cliff Hurst at: [email protected] They should be in MS Word format, 12 point type. Articles will be subject to blind review, so the name of and contact information for the author(s) should appear only on the title page, which will be deleted by the Editor before sending the article on to members of our Editorial Advisory Board or to other reviewers for their blind assessment of its worthiness for publication.

Also, remember that one of your RSHI Membership Benefits is access to all Journals, located in the Members Only Area. (If you are not a member yet, join here.)

Cliff Hurst, PhD
VP of Research

We're very excited to announce the upcoming publication of previously unavailable writings on war and peace by Robert S. Hartman. An exclusive preview of The Revolution Against War...

Stay tuned for pre-orders available soon!