October 2021
Volume 44
Issue 4

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We're in the midst of our three-day 45th Annual Hartman Conference!  Day One is complete and Day Two is tomorrow.  We'll wrap up with Day Three on November 9th.


I'm inspired and full of appreciation for our presenters and this community. It was a joy to watch the Day 1 sessions again, via the recordings, which are available to all registrants.


The work we do and these sessions we join fill us with purpose and direction.  Robert S. Hartman reminded us: "You must have the feeling that you here for a reason. If you have that feeling you have intrinsic depth;  if you don't have it, well, then you have to develop it."   (Find more quotes from @drroberthartman on Instagram).


Don't miss this Goodness!


Grow your intrinsic depth by watching the recordings for Day One, or by joining us for Day Two - tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5.  Get recording and registration details here → www.hartmaninstitute.org/2021-annual-conference


With Appreciation, 

Suzie Price
RSHI Board President


Have you ever considered joining the board of the Robert S. Hartman Institute?

Dave Blanchard, CEO of the Og  Mandino Institute, gave a dynamic opening presentation at this year's Conference. He challenged us to take action so that more people know about Hartman's work.  He encouraged us to get involved with the Institute.


Could being an active RSHI Board Member, be one of the ways you  bring Hartman's work to more people?  We have one opening and are accepting and reviewing nominations and applications now.   


Interested or have questions?   Email: [email protected]


How to apply/nominate:

  • Apply: Send CV/Resume and Statement of Interest, to [email protected].
  • Nominate: Send the name of nominee and Statement of Why,  to [email protected].
  • Deadline: End of Day Monday October 18th

As part of our ongoing work to make Robert S. Hartman and axiology famous, we've partnered with Brill Publishing to make two incredible books Open Access (FREE) to the public.


You can download the PDF eBook of both Formal Axiology and It’s Critics by Rem B. Edwards, PhD  and

The Knowledge of Good by Robert S. Hartman, PhD, Rem B. Edwards, PhD, and Art Ellis, PhD at the links below or by visiting our Additional Axiology Books page on the website.



Formal Axiology and Its Critics
by Rem B. Edwards



The Knowledge of Good: Critique of Axiological Reason
by Robert S. Hartman, Arthur R. Ellis, and Rem B. Edwards


As a member, we encourage you to proudly display the badge on your website, letterheads, and social media.

The badge will be updated each year and sent to all active members in January. You can download your badge in the Members Only section of the website.


Please read the accompanying guidelines carefully and contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


Giving to the Robert S. Hartman Institute makes the work we do from conferences to publications possible.

If you feel inspired by Robert S. Hartman's work or if his work has improved your life, the Hartman Institute would appreciate your support.  


By donating to the Robert S. Hartman Institute, you become an integral part of the axiological community working to change the world through the better.


One of our key priorities is to preserve and make available Hartman’s unpublished manuscripts and writings, and expanding the application of value science to all fields of study.


The institute is planning a series of trips done by all-volunteers to the Hartman Archives and would like funds to support this important visit.


If you are willing to support this project Click Here to make a tax-deductible donation and mark it for "Publications."

The 2021 Journal of Formal Axiology will be available on November 1st!

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