Favorite Books About Hartman and Axiology

A list of of favorite books about Hartman and Axiology that were shared by RSHI Members during the monthly Hartman Happy Hour in January 2021.

Here's the list.

Note - A few books of the books that were shared during this Hartman Happy Hour discussion have not been published, as they were part of formal training from people, like Dave and Vera Medford, Wayne Carpenter, and Steve Byrum

Links for Books on the Institute Website:




Books By Robert S. Hartman:

Books Related to Hartman and Axiology:

Easy to understand applications of Axiology: 

Books helping with the depth of Axiology:

It is so great that people who used to meet only once a year can now come together every month and even more due to connections made during the Hartman Happy Hour. We hope to see this sharing of knowledge and excitement over Hartman's work continue to increase in the new year!  

We hope that you can join us for the next Hartman Happy Hour!

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